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I hadn’t stopped writing songs over the years but did get away from writing longer pieces and doing readings. After the pandemic started, I threw myself back into daily writing mostly to get my mind in order. It was a profound relief to reengage with my first love: writing.

I revisited Julie Cameron’s concept of morning pages. After a year of daily writing that started with morning pages and expanded into a large collection of stories and poems, I wanted to put my work out into the world again, but I found it difficult to find fellow writers. I started using Twitter, where I didn’t know many people, and found prompt groups like #vss365. I slowly became connected to many writers who empower me to hone my voice. The character limits are challenging; they make me condense ideas and trim the phat, which is something I’ve always liked about poetry. I’ve expanded some into longer stories, song lyrics, and excerpts for other writing projects.

If you click Prompts under Categories or Tags, you’ll find a slew of them in groups corresponding with the new and full moon phases. If you are a writer, please do follow me on Twitter. I will do my best to encourage the craft. Thanks!

I like to learn; I can’t get into stories where there is not continuous discovery.

sight schythe sigh,
the cut reframed,
explained to a t.
a lee from your name
filling my skin.
an exoskeleton
dance of #sign-
ature defeat
bows to the wind,
spins and sheds
its memories

#vss365 #poem #poetry

Apologies for not being around. I’ve had little time to even follow life’s prompts. Hoping the warm weather brings change.

…met them in familiar halfways…emptying buckets of dead-of-night

The horse and the elephant and the monkey and me, listen to the forest for the trees. To #taboo, meaning sacred, and came to mean unclean. We #mew about while the falcon molts. Our missions, in a widening gyre, receive and emit.

#vssdaily #prompt #vss365

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