Lesley Ann Fogle uses the abbreviated moniker LAFogle [la foe gull] (la the + Fogle bird), to distinguish her role as a writer. She is a multi-disciplinary artist, sound engineer, author of the poetry book the waywith sun (2007) and Proof of Ear-lier Existence, a selection of 35 poems turned into songs (1992-2002) by Mal VU, her former Chicago-based music collective. Mal VU kept her busy after-hours experimenting with noncommercial mixing techniques to produce six albums of material gleaned from a constant creative approach to living the therapeutic arts.

She is the singer/ engineer/ co-writer of After-Death Plan whose 2017 debut Literature featured songs about books and authors from Dostoevsky to Walter de la Mare. ADP’s second album, Psycho Social Sexual,  included a title track that “channels the articulate, defined nature of lexical rage in a world that rewards the limiting of language with a causality of inclusiveness.” As fans of art cinema, ADP learned basic video skills to produce several music videos for which the ensemble was awarded grant funding by the Greater Columbus Arts Council to further their trail of adding a visual layer to their work.

LAFogle calls her writing style neurogenesis, in that it strives to learn, using arrangement and lingual interplay to reveal bigger ideas and connect inner behavioral shadow work with external consciousness and environment. She is currently finishing up a new collection of poems and a collection of short stories, working on a novel titled FutureYou, and producing ADP’s third album Bread & Circuses.

To find out more about Lesley’s work as a sound creative , visit To hear her music, visit or check out early Mal VU recordings on Bandcamp.

Let us entangle—soshin—enthusiasm of the seen, the unseen, and what we can produce to keep the awe in mystery.