morning writing

published August 27, 2021

Horrors of everyday reality face collective indifference/ routines and ambition/ dollars against indifference/ state of the country/ the persona mask/ guns allow kids to be shot; anyone they’re mad at, shot/ defenseless people identified but not sheltered or soothed/ confrontational device implicates reader/ army of invisible sufferers/ male authority: father. profiteering boss. turncoat angel. god/ inferno: suffering, dislocation, hidden spiritual costs, rapid social transformation/ industrial evolution: altered community, personal identity, social values/ city as darkly paranoid as the remote/ chartered: mapped, liscensed,  controlled; choked with commerce/ reserved and rented as buses, boats, planes/ rent your mind/ intellectual property with a rental fee, subscription-based agreement/ own a physical chunk of brain with each purchase/ else streamed for 20% or 15 for complaining; 13 to automate a response/ signs of illness, exhaustion, anxiety, despair; healthcare/ eat what’s bad for you; watch, cry, die what’s bad for you/ rush to the gloried doom/ hereditary authority from the palace to the board room/ proletarian pawn of selfish higher powers/ authentic intelligence/ consumer, consumned, sadly died of consumption

It’s death, it’s always been death; except for when you’re realizing life. From there it’s realizing death, fear of death, avoiding death, and—if we’re lucky—solving death.

~ Maena, from FutureYou

Aspiring angel, tell me enlightenment solves suffering
                              tell me detachment is true compassion
                              tell me you know about righteousness 

The lady will have a great ruin

He smells like musk but sucks the freedom from the room with those moods, as if his is the only true anger. He writes of how I wouldn’t understand human’s search for meaning. Pats my head like a good little vessel carrying man’s miracle. It’s 2021, are we still on about breeding machines and sex machines and body parts?


mend the globe, poet

repair our relationships

cure humanity

I put laughter in a time capsule/
you thought the box was empty/ and so it was Everyday I become longer details/
a barricade of What and Where/
the Who more undefined/ still there A road uncircumstantial till it’s gone/ I walk on/ pause to chomp on elder loss and sibling witness/ love & awe, the next meal Time can flick the value of a lesson to come back overgrown in the lusty spring you’ll “take care of it some sunny day,” said the epiphany worth repeating